IT Outsourcing to Ukraine during the war

These are my key points from the latest webinar on how the IT sector works (pretty well) in Ukraine during the current war. The article will be continuously monitored and updated. Please contact us directly if you want service in Norwegian.

During the last couple of weeks we have had the opportunity to contribute to a project supported by USAID, IT organizations in Ukraine, the Ukrainian Norwegian Chamber and others to inform about the IT sector and also support Norwegian companies with assistanse.

First and foremost, the IT sector in Ukraine works well

Why? They had experience with remote work when it comes to customers, so they could do the transition faster to work as remote teams. The country have had covid-regulations for some time, and that also prepared them. Ukraine also had emergency plans, and they have fiber, 4G and satellite internet of several providers for each location.

IT outsourcing adapted

The multiple source redundant internet access was prepared. Since the Crimean occupation they also had a strong focus on data security.

During the war, the IT sector is set to produce foreign currency and NOT fight in the war

IT workers of Ukraine are not going to be drafted to the military. They are needed to support the country with foreign currency, and it is one of a few very well working sectors. IT workers are relocated to safe locations in other parts of Ukraine, a very big country when it comes to size, it takes 2000 km of driving to get form one side to another. Some workers are relocated abroad. An estimated 85% of the industry is intact and operational.

Support Ukraine while getting access to scarce IT resources

Before the war, Europe had an estimated one million IT workers shortage. In Norway, there is a shortage of labour in general, unemployment levels have not been as low as now in 14 years! And the IT sector is also hit hard. There are skilled IT workers and intact robust teams in Ukraine available.

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