Here is an article summing up success stories mentioned from our recent international queries. Some queries we receive is about b2b sales, booking, or to be a local partner and find sub contractors, You can get help with that, but digital marketing is something we deliver in house. Many international clients want’s copywriting based on their translated material. They usually want the content to have a better language then the translators deliver on their own and some of them want to have a tone of voice that goes well with their brand. Then search engine marketing, and social media.

Examples of digital marketing

Avicenna Klinik in Berlin is specializing in spine and neck injuries. We have been building their content and SEO in Norway and Sweden.  The content is written by a german medical doctor in collaboration with a consultant, then translated. The translated copy is improved and adapted to culture and language is improved, with SEO. I also improve the terms and correct the translation together with an external specialist in the field, an assistant surgeon.
The results are very great, a lot of first page positions for relevant and attractive search phrases in under one year. Traffic increase is very high, at the same time other languages had an almost 50% decline, we have had several 100% increase in traffic from Sweden and Norway. Now the traffic from scandinavia is almost greater than the traffic from UK, even if the population is greater there, so we are discussing to also deliver english. https://avicenna-klinik.com Example of copy: https://avicenna-klinik.com/no/spinal-sykdom/spinal-stenose-eller-innsnevring-av-ryggmargskanalen-se-loesninger/ (URL last slug should be shortened, but those things needs to go through customers developer in this case).

Gjeldsmegler1 and now Eiendomsfinans are doing refinancing. That is the most difficult area to compete and it still works, the customer used us for years and is very happy. Also all content and even ad copy needs to pass the customers compliance department, finance is difficult in many ways. Click prices are above 70 euros (only one click) for the 20 most attractive search phrases. It’s a hyper competitive situation. We deliver content with SEO, Google Ads and web. We have held the phrase «tvangssalg» (foreclosure) for years. There is a lot of traffic on it and we are currently producing video to get him back on 1st place as competitors have done it. They are usually top 3 in «inkassohjelp/inkasso hjelp» (collection help), «gjeldshjelp» (debt help) and a lot of long tail phrases related to foreclosure. https://gjeldsmegler1.no Example of copy: https://gjeldsmegler1.no/tvangssalg/

Coinnos own performance marketing is a success story. We should not be able to compete as a performance agancy against the big performance agencies, but we are. We rank nr 1 in the search phrase «performancebyrå» and usually 1-3rd with words incorrectly separated «performance byrå» (performance agency). Even first in «seo ekspert». Example of copy: https://coperformance.no/seo-ekspert/

Normassasje. Ok, I have to mention them. It’s a massage school. They started working with us in the beginning of the pandemic. Just before lock down they came to us, and they were bold to sign after the first lock down started in March 2020. They have had turnover growth through the pandemic. We deliver Google Ads, SEO, web, content and Facebook. https://normassasje.no Example of copy: https://normassasje.no/blogg/ (small subscription in content improvement, they also had workshops to improve their copy).

E-commerce and export to Norway and Sweden

You can get help with all digital marketing, and also building and maintaining the store, integration in to Norwegian logistics, economic systems and tax systems.

Natrud is an e-commerce store selling agricultural supplies is holding a lot of attractive top 3 positions. Like «landbruksutstyr nettbutikk» (agricultural equipment online store), «gårdsutstyr» (farm equipment), «gårdsutstyr nettbutikk» (farm equipment online store), «storfeinnredning» (cattle interior). We do SEO with a very small amount of content, and Google Ads with Shopping feed optimization. We also run their e-commerce system based on WooCommerce. https://natrud.no

Gullhuset is an artisan jewellery e-commerce store. They produce parts of the jewelry in house, and also trade other artisans jewelry. They have tiny content subscription (they do a lot them selves), a little SEO, e-commerce system (WooCommerce) and newsletter. Still they get year over yer traffic growth. https://gullhuset.no Example of copy:  https://gullhuset.no/kunsthandverk/

On top of that, after building the traffic, we constantly improve on conversion rates. And everything else, that’s the method of performance marketing. Produce creative quality, measure, learn, improve and repeat. Continuous improvement. 

We have 5* reviews, so customers are happy. There are also a few more reviews in Facebook and Trustpilot, same story there.


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